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Your home appliances' chatting buddy! Introducing  

Homechat Introduction Video

*This video is scripted and actual functions provided may be different.

Start chatting with
your very own home appliances
on your mobile messenger!

What is your refrigerator doing right now?
Is your washer not working properly?
Does your Air Conditioner remember the time to turn on?
HomeChat will take care of everything from now on!

LG Homechat Introduction Image


You can now meet your new friend
LG HomeChat on line icon


Please add LG HomeChat’s official account on LINE

add homechat's official account image

TIP!You can also add HomeChat with the QR code below.

  • USA qr codeUSA

Please connect your product to HomeChat, your new best friend!

homechat connect image

※ Products available for HomeChat service may vary according to the country of use.


Have fun chatting with your good
friend LG HomeChat!

Talk to your smart home appliances like you would to any other friend!

Try giving commands by selecting options or tapping on cute stickers!

Cute little customized remote-controls to help you select every complicated function in your chatroom!

※ Available functions may vary according to the country of use.

Smart Control

LG HomeChat is here for you!

Before going to sleep…

I’ll help you check the status of all your products!

Before leaving home…

I’ll give you a friendly reminder so you don’t forget anything!

Before coming home…

I'll get ready and welcome you with comfort condition.

※ Available functions may vary according to the country of use.

Works with Nest

LG HomeChat Works with Nest®

Nest meets LG HomeChat!

You can have a easier time using the Master Control function by connecting to Nest.

LG HomeChat notifies you so the home appliances perform more conveniently when Nest Learning Thermostat® is set to Home or Away.

How to start working with Nest

※ Actual product size is bigger than displayed.


LG HomeChat Character’s sticker
to spice things up!!

Homechat Sticker Image
home chat character sticker

Tap HomeChat stickers to call your
product friends and give commands!

LG HomeChat Character's
sticker to spice things up!

As friendly as I may seem, I get right down to business when giving commands to Smart product friends!
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